STFNC 73rd Christmas Bird Count

The winter season brings up the Christmas Bird Count. Our club has participatedevery year since its inception in September 1950. The Count is the longest running Citizen Science project. The count is based on a 24-km diameter circle centred at John Wise Line and Yarmouth Centre Rd. We count all the birds we see for … Read more

Raptor counter viewing stand grand opening

On October 1st the Raptor counters viewing platform was officially opened. On hand were Eva Visscher, donors Karen and Eric Auzins, the man who put so many hours into seeing his vision to completion Bob Johnstone and Central Elgin Mayor Sally Martyn. The viewing platform consists of concrete anchor blocks all the way around and … Read more

Hawk Cliff Woods Migration Weekend

The event this year will be on October 1st and 2nd, one weekend only.9:30 am – Thames Talbot Land Trust hike11:00 am – Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders presentation1:00 pm – Monarch Watch presentation, showing tagging of butterflies and travels to Mexico2:00 pm – Hawk Cliff Raptor Banders presentation All events are run by volunteers.

2020 Christmas Bird Count Results

Results of St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club 2020 CBC held on Dec 26, 2020. Photograph of Trumpeter Swan taken at Port Stanley Sewage Lagoon by Diane Dobson. We had natures coat of snow to thank for our success this year. Birds were flocking to feeders and waters were a mixed bag of frozen and unfrozen. … Read more

2019 Christmas Bird Count Results

Results of St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club 2019 CBCheld on Dec 26, 2019 This year we had above zero degree temperatures and green grass. The standing waters were mostly frozen and the moving waters were mostly open. We had 52 people out looking this year, they saw 64 species and a total of 11,992 birds. … Read more

North America down 3 BILLION birds

The Journal Science last fall reported that since 1970 North America is down 3 billion birds. We knew there was a problem. That is over 25% of the population. Only raptors with the elimination of DDT have made a massive recovery (over 200%), ducks and geese and vireos were the other real increase. Grassland birds … Read more