STFNC Rondeau Adventure

Our day to raise funds for Birds Canada under the umbrella of Birds Canada Birdathon
(birding for conservation) will take place the same day as “Global Big Day” on Saturday, May 13th.
To participate we will meet at intersection of Kent Bridge Rd (15) and Rose Beach Line (17) at the mailboxes at 9 a.m.
In the morning we will walk around Bates Dr to Pike St and back via Rose Beach Line, approx 2 km.

Vehicle admission to Rondeau PP is $14.50 for seniors and $18 regular. We will stop at the rest rooms just inside the park and hopefully walk around the maintenance area. We will then go to the visitor centre for lunch. Pack your lunch because Rondeau does not have a large variety of food on offer.

We will base the afternoon walks on information we learn at the visitor centre. Everyone who wants are invited to Rondeau Joe’s, just outside the park for supper. Time and health considered we may be able to take in Keith McLean CA after supper.

This day’s adventure is to raise funds for Birds Canada and a portion comes back to our club. To make a donation please go to our fundraising page at:

If unable to donate online please see either Al Hurst or Al Sharpe to make sure your donation makes its way to Birds Canada. A sign up sheet will be at the May meeting.

Hope you can make it out for this great day of birding.

Al Hurst & Al Sharpe

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