Dan Tippin Keeps Busy

Todd from Parks department takes deliver of the 17 Bluebird boxes built by Dan.

Dan Tippin recently completed 17 new Bluebird boxes for the cities Parks Department. The uncut lumber was generously donated by Springwater Sawmill. Dan and Al Hurst picked up the lumber and ran it through Dan’s planer. Dan did all the rest and as you can see by the photos he did a marvellous job.

Thanks Dan;
Members STFNC

Ten of the finished Bluebird boxes.
Final 7 bluebird boxes.

2 thoughts on “Dan Tippin Keeps Busy”

  1. With respect to the recent Blue Bird houses you produced. I would like to build some for my place to replace some older ones and your design looks better than any I have seen on line. Is there a chance of you sharing a drawing or two. Failing that could I examine one that is finished?

    Since I already have Blue Birds at Iona Station, time is of the essence! Thank you


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