Merlin Bird ID app for Android released


Developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this smartphone app available on Apple earlier this year is now available for Android devices which run OS 4 or higher. The app covers 400 of the most common birds. By answering simple questions such as What size was the bird? or What were the main colours? or types of activities of the bird Merlin will come up with the answer based on results of more than 70 million sightings submitted to eBird. This free app has more than 1000 bird photos, ID text, range maps and you can listen to the birds song. Beware though that with all these features the app is 443 MB in size, now version 1.0.60.

Paid apps include iBird Pro is the best digital app in my opinion and many birders like The Sibley eGuide to Birds and last but not least National Geographic Birds app. The three paid apps are also available in the Windows Store.

2 thoughts on “Merlin Bird ID app for Android released”

  1. I believe I have a family of Merlin living around me…if not in my Spruce trees…there are at least 4 …..I know….Merlin are not to be in our area…but I am 90% sure that is what they are…

    • There certainly could be nesting Merlin in St Thomas.
      Several years ago they were nesting on Redan Street. Last year there was a rumoured nest near Sifton Funeral Home.
      I saw pictures of the merlins on Redan St, they were nesting in a conifer tree.


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