2019 Christmas Bird Count Results

Results of St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club 2019 CBC
held on Dec 26, 2019

Two Horned Lark in January

This year we had above zero degree temperatures and green grass. The standing waters were mostly frozen and the moving waters were mostly open. We had 52 people out looking this year, they saw 64 species and a total of 11,992 birds. 1 Eastern Phoebe on count week.

This is consistent with last 2 years of 12,324 in 2017 and 11,501 in 2018. Over last 10 years we have averaged 76 species. We have seen a total of 114 species in last 10 years. Over the 71 years we have averaged 39 participants, 70 species and almost 15,000 birds with a grand total of 155 species seen.

George Prieksaitis got a Killdeer, which has only been reported in 9 of the 71 count years. The new high counts this year were Winter Wren (5), Redhead (2).

Wild Turkey did a poor showing with only 31, yet the 13 Turkey Vulture were a nice continuation since they seem to like over wintering in Port Stanley area in recent years. Does anyone know where they are roosting?

22 Bald Eagles this year, 6 Eastern Screech-Owl seen or heard and 3 Great Horned Owl.

Good sightings included 4 Belted Kingfisher, 51 Red-bellied Woodpecker. 39 Hairy Woodpecker approaching our high of 44. 7 Pileated Woodpecker, 14 Tufted Titmouse vs a high of 17 last year. 70 Eastern Bluebird, 7 American Robin, 22 Cedar Waxwing and 4 Eastern Towhee.

Conspicuous by their absence were Bonaparte’s Gull seen on 39 previous counts. Long-eared Owl seen on 47 previous counts. Northern Shrike and Field Sparrow proved to be elusive this year. Winter birds had a poor showing with only 8 Horned Lark, 10 Snow Bunting and no Lapland Longspur.

Click here For a complete list of this years birds .

We would like to thank everyone who made the pot luck such a feast. Jackie and I appreciate all the effort everyone put into making this CBC a success and look forward to Dec 26, 2020.

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