BSC Baillie BIRDATHON 2014

The Baillie is the oldest sponsored bird count in North America, raising money for bird research and conservation. Insectivores like swallows, swifts and flycatchers are in steep decline and the early warning signs of problems in the birding world. For more on this please read Plight of the bug eaters from Ontario Nature. The long cold winter will make this years sightings possibly quite unique. Certainly the foliage in the trees will be less and the sightings easier, hopefully.
Al Hurst is leading this clubs annual fundraiser. Please sign a pledge sheet at the May meeting and pay in cash or by cheque. When you pledge please include your email address to receive an income tax receipt for all donations of $10 or more. Thank you for all your support in funding bird research and hoping spring gets here shortly.

2 thoughts on “BSC Baillie BIRDATHON 2014”

  1. Who could I contact to try to find out what kind of bird that I have seen?– Looks like a yellow –headed blackbird — but the yellow markings are white.


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