Baillie Birdathon sponsorship in full swing


The St Thomas Field Naturalist Club fundraising for Bird Studies Canada and our club through the Baillie Birdathon is on now. Martha is leading the fundraiser this year. You can pledge by contacting Martha at the meeting in May.

To receive a income tax receipt please include your email address. Receipts will be issued via email to all those donating $10 or more. Sponsors with valid email addresses will also receive Bird Studies Canada’s free bi-weekly e-newsletter Latest News. All sponsors of $35 or more are considered a “Supporter of Bird Studies Canada” and will receive quarterly issues of their publication, Bird Watch Canada for one year.

Thanks to all who have contributed in past years and look forward to your continued support.

Here is a 4 minute clip from Cornell Lab when they got 264 species in 24 hours in 2012.
We will not get anywhere near that but will sure have fun.

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